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Some Methods Foundation Walls

• Stabilization of bowed or fractured walls using a Fortress Stabilization System.Essentially, this involves the use of special Kevlar and fiber straps along with a special epoxy. The straps will stop shifting of the walls without the need for any outside excavation, which means less cost for you, less time required for the repair, and less disturbance to landscaping and to the rest of your home. When you choose this method of repair, a series of different straps are interconnected, and then bolted to an aluminum bracket attached to the home’s bond board using lag bolts. These straps that are attached to the aluminum bracket are then epoxied to a special fortress strap made of carbon fires so that the walls of the foundation are no longer able to move laterally.

• Polyurethane crack injection.If your foundation walls have only cracks in them, these cracks can be filled using a special method whereby surface bonds are attached and polyurethane is injected into the crack through holes in the surface bond and packed in tightly. The polyurethane will solidify and fill the crack.

• Complete or partial wall rebuilds. Block basement walls can be completely or totally rebuilt from scratch for a solution to larger foundation problems. This is a permanent and extremely effective solution although it can be more labor intense.

Other possible options for fixing foundation walls including reinforcement with steel I beams to help support foundation walls and the home above it; the use of earth anchors and wall plates; straightening of the basement walls; and reinforcement suing concrete re-bar.

Each of these different options has their own advantages and disadvantages, but all of the options provide long-term solutions to problems with the walls of the foundation of your home. When you are dealing with foundation problems, the longer you wait to act, the worse your problem is likely to become. Do not hesitate to take action because of fear of what you will find or fear that repairs are going to be too expensive. An experienced basement waterproofing and foundation repair expert will explain all of your different repair options to you and will help you to make an informed choice about how best to repair the foundation of your home.