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Right Fence For You

Plan for Your Life

When you start to look into different fencing materials, you don’t want to focus only on the vanity. You want to consider everything that you do, and plan to do, in your backyard. This fence is going to have to meet all of the wants and needs of your home. If you have pets, do you plan to keep them secure in your backyard? If so, you want the fence to be sturdy enough to support your animals and tall enough to prevent them from jumping over. If you have a pool in your backyard, maybe you would like more privacy than other’s require. If this is the case, a privacy fence is definitely in the books for you. Ask yourself why you want to build a fence, why do you need this fence? Let your answers influence the style of fence you install.

Think about Maintenance

With owning a home, you already have a lot of things on your plate. Maintenance and home improvements always seem to be piling up before your eyes. With fences, maintenance is going to be included. You want to consider how much maintenance you are willing to put in before you install a fence. If you want to put in minimum time with maintenance, wooden fences are probably not for you. Wood fences require the most maintenance among all of the fencing materials. Wood requires you to repaint and stain the fence every couple of years. Although if you plan to sell your home, wood fences make your yard look more aesthetically pleasing, thus raising your property value and curb appeal.

Vinyl and aluminum fencing are two of the most common choices with home owners. Both of the materials require little to no maintenance. More intense weather conditions like bad storms or high winds can cause weather damage, breakage, or dents in any of the fencing materials. A benefit that wood offers is the ability to replace several boards at once if there is weather damage. Metals can be much harder to fix versus the alternative of wood. If you need to replace a section of vinyl or aluminum, you might find that the manufacturer no longer sells that specific model, making it much harder for you to find the same color fence without having to replace the whole thing.